Brand New Single "She Likes My Guitar"

Love it, Dustin Bird will get you up and dancing from the opening riff to the catchy hook in the chorus, "She Likes My Guitar" is format friendly. My radio brain says, "ADD IT" and my musical brain says to play it loud and often! I'm a fan! ”

— Rob Leclerc, Country 89.1



At 21-years old, rising Canadian artist Dustin Bird is already pushing the boundaries of modern country music. His sound, characterized by catchy guitar riffs, head-bobbing melodies and pop backbeats behind his full bodied country vocals, is a seamless conglomeration of his influences. 

“My dad taught me to play guitar when I was young, and in highschool I really began making music of my own,” notes Dustin, who grew up in the small town of Stirling, Ontario. “If I wasn’t at hockey practice, I could most likely be found jamming with friends or writing songs,” he shares about his teenage years, when he also learned to produce music and play piano, drums and bass. 

As a kid, he was raised on the music of Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley. However, as his musical tastes matured, Dustin found artists like Ed Sheeran, Thomas Rhett and The Weeknd all working their way into his playlists as well. His musical hobbies soon became a clear passion. 

“It’s just what I love. I can’t really explain it, but I think it’s just something you feel after doing it for so long. Making music just became a part of my identity.” 

Gathering inspiration from many genres has provided Dustin with a uniquely diverse sonic palette. “I find myself drawn to the authenticity of country music, but a lot of the songs I write also have a pop anchor.” That being said, there is one constant in all of his work: his commanding voice. 

And while listeners most often first notice his expressive, smooth vocals, what many don’t realize is that Dustin’s expertise goes much deeper than the lyrics and notes. Having earned a degree in Music Industry Arts from Algonquin College, Bird knows the ins and outs of everything from audio engineering and production to marketing, management and more. It’s safe to say that he bears a musical maturity way beyond his years. 

An insatiable desire to dive head first into the industry after college led Dustin to began visiting Nashville, Tenn., where he has been developing material for a forthcoming project. “I have been really honing in on my sound for the past few years, and am so excited for everyone to hear it. We’ve teamed up with Nashville producers Sean Giovanni and Trey Bruce, who are some of Music City’s best.” he explains about what is ahead. 

Dustin's brand new single "She Likes My Guitar" is available now at Canadian Country radio and all streaming platforms. 

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